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Product Overview: Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a very thorough book in pdf format, which gives you all the facts about proper nutrition for burning fat, losing weight and toning up or building muscles safely and effectively. You don't need any supplements to make this program work. The downloadable pdf includes Tony Venuto's permanent fat burning techniques used by the world’s top bodybuilders and fitness models. But don't worry, everyday people are using it as well, with great results.

  • Discover how to lose your fat permanently, without ruining your metabolism
  • No drugs or supplements required
  • Foods you should consider not to eat, ever
  • Foods you should consider eating often
  • How to boost your metabolism into a fat burning furnace
  • No fat gram counting
  • How to eat more calories and still lose weight
  • The one thing most people do to ruin their thyroid and metabolism
  • Secret combination of foods to give you energy and lose fat
  • Four different weight training programs to choose from
  • Cardio routines that will make you feel thinner in 30 minutes
  • Getting your mind straight so you will succeed

When purchasing ‘Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Book’, you simply download Tom's fat burning pdf guide to your computer for immediate access. You can print it out as well, if you choose. You also receive several bonus books to help you choose the correct food to eat or not eat and how to measure body fat.

One of the best things about Tom's system is that it is not a generic "one-size-fits-all" diet and exercise plan. You are encouraged to set your own goals and it offers solutions for various weight groups and body shapes. Overall, Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Book is a perfect blend of nutrition and exercise for healthy permanent fat loss and body transformation.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Consumer Feedback

“ Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is one of the few weight loss books that I support and highly recommend to my clients. As a fitness coach, I found that it's a great book that teaches everyone the proper way to lose FAT and keep it off permanently (as opposed to a diet fad, which usually only burns fat temporarily).”

Portion of actual user review by Steven T from www.answers.yahoo.com

“I got Tom's ebook about 6-7 months ago. I really liked it. I thought it had a lot of terrific information in it, and it was very inspiring. I liked that he was so aware of how damaging reducing calories too much is for example, as that causes weight stall/gain... reduced metabolism it makes sense.”

Portion of actual user review by rightnow from www.lowcarbfriends.com

“It's a great book, and I love it. He doesn't only talk about training and exercise, but starts with NLP, writing goals and things like this.”

Portion of actual user review from www.projectjcvd.blogspot.com

“ Any views on his methods? by Flanders Yes, there good and they work. You've just got to be careful on the high carb days, its easy to over do it.”

Portion of actual user review from www.muscletalk.co.uk

“ Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is hands down the best fat loss ebook I know of, period!”

Portion of actual user review from www.dietsreporter.com

Company Info: Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Book is a pdf product offered by Burn The Fat Enterprises 2003-2010

Company Website: www.burnthefat.com

Product Specifications: The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program instructs both men and women how to simultaneously burn fat, lose weight and build muscle if you choose to look slender and firm.

Price: $39.95 with 8 week money back guarantee

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