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Product Overview: Warp Speed Fat Loss is a diet and exercise program that completely transforms the body, replacing fat with lean mass. The pdf download features effective fat melting, weight training, cardio, and fat destroying exercises along with muscle saving dieting to bring very noticeable results within 4 weeks.

The Warp Speed Fat Loss download is intriguing. It is a program designed by experts. Alwyn Cosgrove is an educated fitness expert and author. Mike Rousell also is involved with developing the program and has several authored articles about muscle building, fat burning, healthy eating and other health topics. The two men complement each other with Mike's diet and Alwyn's training. They took what they know and developed a workable program for fat loss. The warp speed fat loss diet program is that for a person who wants to lose about 20 pounds or less in 28 days. Of course you can take a few days or weeks off and do it again if you have more to lose.

Warp Speed Fat Loss reveals to users how to rotate eating a low calorie diet, low fat diet, low starch diet, low carb diet, ketogenic diet, low GI diet, carb cycling diet, and a nutrient timing diet. In addition to this, the product also guides the users about how exact cardio prescription can increase their fat loss dramatically. Its 28 day meal plan lists everything that should be eaten to increase the metabolism and burn fat quickly.

Upon purchase users will download a Fat Loss Manual in pdf format, 24 workout secrets, workout sheets, meal plan, exercise library, mastermind audio, targeted and interval fat loss audio coaching, along with a straight talk about calories video that helps users to accelerate fat loss immediately.

The concept of using the body as a thermostat pulled this reviewer in. The way it works is fat burning will occur by following a specific diet. The program focuses on fat melting, weight training, body fat targeting cardio, fat destroying and muscle saving cardio. In four weeks the goal is to be leaner. For people who are trying to get off that last portion of weight to get to goal this seems like a perfect plan. Just following this program can result in meeting what has been an unreachable goal. This Warp Speed Fat Loss review is that this sounds like a reasonable program for weight loss.

Warp Speed Fat Loss Consumer Feedback

“I found the fastest and safest way to lose fat, and it’s very easy. I lost xx lbs in just 28 days and I feel great. I just had to share it with you. It's called “Warpspeed Fat Loss”, and the best part is that it's guaranteed to work. It only takes 28 days but you have a 60 day money back guarantee. So you can't lose, I would recommend this to everyone!!! ”

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“I have purchased the e-book, I am following the diet to the letter and am quite enjoying it! And yes you can use it to lose xx pounds. Thanks!”

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“This is a very good program. The two guys that developed the program are a nutritionist and gym owner/trainer. It is a 28 day program with 24 days of workouts and a complete diet plan. I highly recommend trying it. The cost is minimal considering how much people spend on personal trainers. gym memberships, special diets (Jenny Craig, etc.), infomercial workout equipment, and all of the other weight loss/diet things that are out there. ”

Portion of actual user review from answers.yahoo.com

“Warp Speed Fat Loss is a sure bet if you have a need to lose those last lbs, especially if you’ve tried other weight loss programs with no success. ”

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“I've tried many different "methods" and other diets to lose weight and none of them worked, they all promised very big gains but in reality gave absolutely nothing. At least that was until I found the Warp Speed Fat Loss Diet, this thing REALLY does work, I personally lost xx pounds ..., and I have talked to others that have achieved similar results. I urge you, if you are truly serious about losing weight to try it out. ”

Portion of actual user review from answers.yahoo.com

Company Info: Warp Speed Fat Loss is a product of Combined Forces Fitness.

Company Website: www.warpspeedfatloss.com

Product Specifications: Warp Speed Fat Loss guide provides everything you need to know to help users lose weight in just 28 days in an easy step by step format.

Price: $97.00 with 8 week money back guarantee

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